maanantai 3. marraskuuta 2014


You once asked me to write you a love song
and that I could not do
It's just because I don't know how to write 
not because I wouldn't love you

I tried to write it several times
but all of them in vain
They were filled with death and tears
and widows and blood red rain

I tried to sing of butterflies
lullabies of flower fields
But moth was the story's star
and flowers were dead lilies

Tried to say something sweet
of your deep blue sea eyes
But all I got out was 
"Jeah, jeah, they're nice"

I'm not much of a talker
but for you now I try
I'll say something sweet and true
without death and cry

You're not a prince charming
more of a manners like a beast
but I'm not price pig either
and not a lady at a least

But you treat me like a princess
and when I'm sad you make me smile
You give kisses instead of diamonds
and make life worth another while

Now I don't have words again
only corny things come out
So I'll quit by saying "I LOVE YOU"
and every day you make me proud


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